Thursday, May 17, 2018

Russian troops withdrawal "priorities" of Moldova

#UN Security Council debate on international peace & security was called by Poland's President today. What a chance for #EasternEurope #Ukraine #Georgia et altri to bring up conflicts in our region. Unfortunately #Moldovan Speaker of the Parliament preferred to spend either public or UN funds to come to a UN road safety meeting a month ago, rather than coming today. His leadership w road safety and all, today is far more important. He came out with an initiative on Russian troops withdrawal at UN (in a way Russia could&did block it, though it was avoidable) and said Russian troops withdrawal from #Moldova is their priority. Today he & MLD govt had a chance to speak at the highest level about that priority. I guess road safety was more important...

On the Moldovan Government Russian troops withdrawal initiative at UN - I'll write something much later. Let's see how it fares by June. All in all, it's sad to see a country turning towards Russia and its practices voluntarily.

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