Sunday, May 10, 2009

Europe vs Great War for the Defence of Fatherland (USSR)

I posted previously on the fact that in my opinion it is incorrect to say that the Moldovan communists are not-that-communists, particularly due to their economic policies. I also gave an interview a few weeks ago to Radio Free Europe, Romanian service, suggesting that economic benefits for the ruling party, and hence their economic policies, do not interefere with their ideological program - personal financial gains did not impede them to continue speaking and promoting the idea of struggle of classes, although in a more modern way. One should understand the Moldovan communists are smarter than that, and that its not USSR time anymore.

Thus, comparing the communist party of the USSR with the current communist party of Moldova has to take into account the need to ajust the ideology to its internal strenght and foreign actors. One can not comapre the behaviour of a communist party that came to power through violence and terror becaming strong enough to hold the whole 15 soviet republics in USSR, with a communist party that was temporarily prohibited in Moldova and had to enter the political race again in the middle of 90s'.

The Moldovan communist adaptability might be rather imposed by the current situation. What could they do if they feel strong enough? Lets see the parralels of the USSR and Moldovan communist behaviour after April 7 elections.

- Voluntary arrest and torture of people in Moldova. Wasn'it widely spread in USSR of 20s up to 50s? They "stabilised" their system, clearing up the "other thinking" people and after that maintained their next step of control.

- Intimidate its own people after Moldovan elections. Is it not what USSR communists have done? The country was big and diffcult to control. Moldova is not.

- Intimidating free civil society dealing with democratisation in Moldova. That one, the free civil society focusing on democratisation, did not exist in USSR times for obvious reasons. It could not. The USSR was "the most democratic country in the world" anyway, as the communists stated. Now, after 7 April, the Moldovan communists started to deal with the Moldovan free civil society - fiscal inspections first, what would follow later? Moldovan communists do not close them down, but they paralise them - they are smater than their USSR ancestors.

- Finally, someone muted the following to me - allegedly on April 7, 2009, the National Security Council, chaired by the President Voronin (also Chairman of the Communist Party), with the members of the NSC, decided to prohibit the political parties in Moldova. They voted, but not included this item on the minutes. True or not? See the USSR - one country = one party. And also see what a good number of Moldovan elderly populace stated - over 50% of the country: they stated they only want one party. A fruitful ground for such a decision. Its only a matter of lack of strength for the communists and a matter of Europe and its funds - although, of course there is always a smart alternative, as previously suggested the Moldovan communists are smarter than their USSR ancestors: the Moldovan communists have an excellent example - to form several parties that would support the communists, or to ensure the support of the current ones. Isn't it exactly what Mr. Putin has done in Russia? "Multiple parties", which are in fact wings of one megaparty, like in the USSR, just a bit smater than in the old times...

Moldovan communists are not the communists of the USSR. They are smarter than that, but they are no better. Their economic policies are self-focused, they now hold many businesses, but the had enough examples of "free" economic markets with one party control over it. The money did not change the ideology drasticallym, it adapted it.

Europe and Wuropesation of Moldova so much invoked by the communists? Well, its easy to say one thing to keep a neighbour calm, and after ensuring the neighbour is lenient and forgiving, one can do many other things, not that European after all.

See how on May 9, the communist party of Moldova celebrated the Victory in the Great War for the Defend of Fatherland, that is USSR. They did not celebrate the victory in the second world war, although there were people in Moldova who fought on both sides. Propagating the V-Day as the main communist holliday a la Russe, as FreeEurope put it, shows what the reality is. No need to mention that the communist authorities did not go to the celebration of the Europe's day organised by pro-european liberals, nor the communists organised their own Europe's day celerbation.

Will Europe continue turning a blind eye on that belarussisation experiment right on their door steps? Europeans attempted to suggest to three liberal parties to accept the rigged results of the elections and vote for a communist government. The economic crisis will hit Moldova hard without a Government, they say. That is exactly what Mr. Voronin, the chair of the communists and incumbent Moldovan president sais. Liberals on the other hand have only one choice - not to vote vor the communists. Their voters gave their were tortured and any vote vor the communist party will be a political suicide for any of the three liberals - the voters will abandon them. Their voters also believed the liberals to be the REAL pro-Europeans. A liberal vote for the communists is a vote for that liberal party oblivion. They can't afford that. By now it it looks like Europe left the people of Moldova alone.

In fact there is only one way out of political and then crises - to ensure a joint set of actions to return to normality. After wide-sread torture and heavy misdeeds of the security forces, an EU Rule fo Law Mission to Moldova is in order. The political crisis will not be overcome by voting for the communists - the dialogue will only happen if public media in Moldova will become free, the justice will not be infleuneced by the communis party. These are normal things in any European country. So that is why we expect them to be supported in Moldova. The civil society launched a roadmap out of crisis. Democratic parties selected the ideas out of roadmap and supported them. Its Europe's turn now.

Meanwhile watch the communsts celerbating the Victory day, a la Russe, on the doorsteps of Europe. We live here everyday, at least half of us did not vote for such a future, another good part is already in Europe. Disregard this and you will disregard the reality. There is indeed a moral responsibility ours, of people who beleieve in democracy, of the citiens of Moldova, of political parties - and of Europe!

That's what happened on Europe's day in Chisinau and in communists minds - Victory Day a la Russe 1:

Victory Day a la Russe 2:


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