Friday, June 13, 2008

Emotional - no fear, Moldova!

This is an emotional outcry to myself, and not a political message, this is a reminder of who we are and possibly of who we can become, don't read it if you dislike emotions, official rigidity and reason are not compatible with this writing, these are just writer's feelings of the moment, raw feelings, so don't try to place this message into a literary sphere, it isn't an art message, but it is not a report either, it is about me and it is about us, for me and us to understand, for you to try to listen

We live it, we are part of here and see it every day, it happens to us, not to anyone else, it is not a fiction, it is a reality, we are people, not stock, we are poor, not stupid, many of us know the words of "important people" and their "enemies"

loyalty, clan, trust, secrecy, devotion...

All of us, who think and do not speak, know what these words mean, us, being brought up with the most important proverb here that says "the bent head will not be cut by the sword", being brought up with the idea "obey!" or face the consequences, thinking and being afraid of that, we know we've seen, in our hidden hearts, what these words mean

insecurity, fear, blindness, lack of knowledge, tirany and totalitarianism...

You know it as well, you know what we talk about, seeing children foolishly shouting what they can not do and being threatened and intimidated, just like we were, hiding, but they are children nonetheless! We are no more.

Don't hide!
Don't stand apart!

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