Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The communist are not communists?

Well, see the reality below.

There are two news - one about Czech Prime-Minister Topolanek, in his capacity of EU presidency, and far below another one - Moldovan Communist President celebrating Lenin's birthday.

Now, if "Communists are not really Communists" in Moldova then see that this Lenin's celebration happened right before the meeting with EU Czech Presidency Topolanek today.


Topolanek said, according to the local news portal Unmimedia - I am translating from the parts of the news that were printed in Romanian - quotation:

„The political crisis in Moldova is unsettling for the European Union. We are not indifferent to what is happening in the Republic of Moldova. At today's meetings I have presented the instruments that exist to solve the crisis - resumption of the dialogue, ensuring a functioning rule of law state, ensuring and respecting freedoms, stop to the attacks and violence, establishing a monitoring commission, in which oposition and international organisations shoould be present. For us the european orientation of the Republic of Moldova matters.”

„Eastern Partenership offers us the posibility to finance different projects, that You consider important. We've also discussed the relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania. We opt for the resumption of good neighbourly relations. I hope to obtan the normalisation of the relations between these two countries. Between April 27 – 28 there will be an important meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers, where we will discuss the situation in the Republic of Moldova.”


What I would, personally, note is that I can not understand why is there such an excessive focus on Romania. It is rather frustrating here. It is not Romania that actually made things worse in Moldova, let's face it for once.

And to put it even in a blunter way - what's EU interest is, really? The more Communists see that everyone deals with them with soft gloves, the more impertinent they feel. That is a Sovet time legacy, one can still oberve in Russia, to a certain extent.

Now lets just try to see the things through another angle, detach from who takes over whom, lets try one not that usual thought - imagine the EU indeed cares about Moldova, and that it genuinely wants Moldova in the EU, and it also is concerned about Communists' tortures and intimidation of its own populace - well recorded by the human rights activists and lawyers. The more Romanian citizens are in Moldova, the more actually there are EU citizens in Moldova - the argument that with more Romanian citizenship there will be more Moldovan immigrants in EU is rahter a misunderstanding of democraphic realities here. Out of 3.800.000 population of the country, including young and elderly, between 400.000 and 1.000.000 are already working abroad. How can Moldova "produce" more people for migration over night? Moreover, most of those who remained in Moldova are unable to go to Europe, as they have some sort of jobs, not to mention that they will not leave for Europe in times of crisis, when other Moldovans come back spreeading the word about the lack of jobs in times of crisis - the Moldovans are not that stupid.

So if Romanian citizenship is also EU citizenship, and EU indeed cares about the democratic values and is against systemic torture, wants free and fair elections as a wholle, not only on electoral day, why some in the EU would be so concerned about Romanian citizenship and so soft on actual culprits? The Romanian citizenship would b at least the EU citizenship after all. There are other ways to discuss with Romania anyway. That is if EU genuinely wants Moldova to be a part of the EU one day when Moldova is ready, whenever that happens. It is of course an simplified aproach, however I think you all get the picture and under current circumstances, you know, this is just... true.

Why not stopping all the criticism to Romania and concentrating on the causes of the problem - Moldovan leadership that resorted to crashdown on democracy - EU meanwhile concentrating on the need to instate the rule of law in Moldova, insist that Moldova is IMPLEMENTING the European integration - the EU complained about that laready, complaining is good, although ineffective - what about EUs assistance and direct local presence via a specialised mission of support and oversight. Genuinely. Sounds like where are the Moldovans? Think again - the Communists don't care. They proved they don't care about civil society, about any other parties, they are ready to split and antagonise the entire society in the country. They don't care. The only reaction they had was to the EU and US.

Financial assiatnce to them is an intersting thought - however the experience sais that they will milk both West and East for their own needs. Stating that EU can give more money than Russia, which would request obedience from Moldova, is unrealistic in the case of the President who celebrates Lenin, whose son is the most "successful" bunsinessman in Moldova, whose banks are used to transfer salaries for public services, who is alleged to "purchase" sucessful businesses in Moldova through "offers they can't refuse", and finally whose family members publicly stated they would not live in Moldova at the end.

So do they really care about what EU will offer, do they care about Moldova? Or probably their own incentives are more important? Do the math youselves. And finally let's ask ourselves, would it be their first time "milking", promising reform and... lying? Well, surprise - no it wouldn't. See, they did exactly that during 2005-2009. Leasons learned on the EU side - none. After another four years one would say in the West - sorry the results were not as we expected, and what would Moldovans will have to say to that?

See below hte news about the Moldovan not-so-communists - are they not communist? Or perhaps the question is are they Moldovan, in fact? Do their intersts lie with this country?


Chisinau Communists mark Lenin's birthday

Communist leaders and ordinary citizens, mainly elderly, marked Vladimir Lenin's birthday on April 22 in Chisinau. Lenin was the leader of the Socialist Revolution from Russia in 1917, Info-Prim Neo reports.

Info-Prim Neo, 22 April 2009, 11:47

2009-04-22/10:46/ Chisinau (IPN) The participants gathered to Lenin's monument from the exhibition center Moldexpo, where they were met with Soviet songs.

The meeting was attended by president Vladimir Voronin, the leader of the Moldovan Communists, Communist parliamentarians and officials.

Vladimir Voronin gave a speech criticizing the Moldovan opposition parties, saying they were like criminal gangs. He condemned the devastation of the headquarters of the parliament and the presidency.

Voronin assured the third victory of the Communists in Moldova will continue their work for the development of the country. He says the key strategic points for the country's development are the European integration, the democratization of society and building a social state.

Deputy premier Victor Stepaniuc has told journalists the Socialist system has proven its political, social and economic viability. The system also had certain drawbacks, but it happened later, in the second half of the 20th century, he said. He says Lenin was a key figure of the left-wing doctrine and his life and works deserve being studied.

Traditionally, Vladimir Voronin handed party-membership cards to several youths, and the participants laid flowered to Lenin's monument.


Alina said...

De acord cu opiniile autorului. Politica de strut promovata de UE vizavi de dreturile omului in R.Moldova este lamentabila. Nu stiu daca mai avem scapare.
Ori mai sunt sperante?

Vlad Lupan said...

N-am avut timp sa raspund mai devreme, dar aiata ca vizitele la Strasbourg si a lui Solana la Chisinau, demonstreaza ca PARCA ar exista ceva. Problema e ca europenii doresc "conciliere", iar intre timp comunistii merg spre alegerea Presedintelui. Partidele liberale acum se vor afla intre ciocan si nicovala. Sa nu clacheze vre-un liberal. Trebuie de insistat pe o MISIUNE UE.

Vlad Lupan said...

P.S. Paradox dar chiar europenii au ramas unul din cei 2 actori care poate sa faca macar ceva. Cel dintai este grupul unit al celor trei liberali, care sa fie inca si mai incisivi decat pana acum.